Teeth Whitening Complete Starter Kit


Unleash the Teeth Whitening Technician within, with our SMILES ON THE GO TEETH WHITENING COMPLETE STARTER KIT.
With all the tools and supplies to get you started in starting your new business venture with enough products for your first 20 clients!
What is in our Smiles on the Go Teeth Whitening Starter Kit?

1 x Professional LED Teeth Whitening Machine
1 x Protective Safety Glasses for client
1 x Protective Safety Glasses for clinician
1 x  Carrying Case
2 x SOTG 16% Hydrogen Peroxide syringes
5 x Gingival Barrier + 5 syringe tips
20 x disposable dish
20 x disposable cups
1 x Teeth Shade Guide
1 x Teeth Model
30 x Face Gauze
10 x Dental Bibs
1 x  Bib Clip
10 x Cheek Retractors
1 x Mirror
20 x Vitamin E Swabs
15 x Oral Brush Ups
10 x Face Masks
50 x Cotton Rolls
200 x Cotton Tips
100 x Disposable Microfibre Tips
*Please note that training is not included.


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