Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure for stain within the tooth. There are many options from over-the-counter whitening products to professional whitening in-office. Depending on what you select the price varies. It’s important to be aware of the contraindications of whitening. If you’re unsure if teeth whitening is for you or what it entails, be sure to ask our dental professional here at Smiles on the Go. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss which option will be best suited for you.

A dental cleaning is recommended within a year before teeth whitening. If you have recently had a teeth cleaning we recommend waiting at least one week for your teeth and gums to settle. We strongly recommended this so no buildup is covering the teeth during the whitening process.

Side note: If you have any bonding/crowns/veneers that show in your ‘smile line’ they will not whiten during the process. They will have to be replaced after whitening in order to match your natural tooth structure again. Otherwise, if your treatment plan includes getting a veneer/crown/bonding placed for aesthetic reasons in your ‘smile line’ whiten first, then complete treatment so everything matches.


It is recommended to have a professional cleaning from the dentist within 1 year prior to your whitening treatment

If you had a dental cleaning recently, it is best to wait 1 week before your appointment. During a dental cleaning your gums may be tender and inflamed, therefore it is best to wait for full healing before doing treatment.

If you generally have sensitive teeth and still desire whitening, it is recommended to use sensitive toothpaste 2-3 times a day for 1 week prior to your appointment to help minimize sensitivity. If needed, you may take Advil/Tylenol 30min prior to your treatment.

If you are a smoker, please be aware it is advised to not smoke at least 24 hrs after whitening. Please eat prior to your appointment. After your whitening treatment it is advised not to eat or drink anything for the next hour.

After your whitening treatment, it is advised to avoid foods and drinks with lots of colouring such as: Red wine, coffee, tea, pasta sauce, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, ketchup, mustard, Coke, chocolate, beets etc. Instead, try having foods/drinks with white to no colour such as: Alfredo pasta, water, gin tonic, rice, apples, cauliflower, egg whites, bread, white cheddar, potatoes, tofu, cabbage etc. The longer you avoid dark staining food the brighter your results will be. Therefore, please plan your meal accordingly.

*Not recommended for pregnant/nursing mothers.
*Not recommended for teens under 18 years old.
*Not recommended for clients who suffer from seizure and epilepsy.



1 Session, 2 hrs to Complete
Per person: $150
Couples: $270 – $300 

Give your smile a fresh boost of shine with our signature Brighter Smile Treatment. This package consists of a full 1 Session of 60min under the LED Light and will need up to 2 hours to complete. With this treatment you can expect up to 10 shades brighter and is recommended for clients with light-moderate staining.


2 Sessions, 2 weeks apart
Per person: $270

The Extreme Smile treatment will give you a dramatic result of up to 18 shades brighter! This treatment consists of 2 separate appointments with a total of 120 minutes under the LED Light. Keep in mind, your second treatment must be 1-2 weeks apart. Your technician will help you coordinate your appointments appropriately. The Extreme White Smile treatment is recommended for clients who are heavy coffee drinkers or smokers, and have never had whitening done before.


1 Session
Per person: $100

Maintain the colour of your smile with our Boost Smile treatment. This treatment consists of one session of 30 minutes under the LED light. We recommend the Boost Smile treatment to clients who have had teeth whitening done within the last 3-4 months.



Keep your teeth looking their best by joining our loyalty program. Boost Smile treatments are discounted to $80 and your 4th and 8th teeth whitening sessions are 20% OFF.

30 min Consultation
Price: Complimentary
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Not sure which treatment is best for you? Allow me to help you decide by coming in for a complimentary consultation!

This appointment includes:

• A dedicated 1 on 1 time with me to inquire any questions that you may have
• Photos and shade match of your teeth to help determine which treatment plan is best suitable for you
• Take home information of what you need to know