Tooth gem application does not require drilling or holes. It is completely painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed. The tooth gem is bonded by a dental grade adhesive which is light cured. After being light cured it is solid and will not come off until it is dissolved off by saliva, knocked off due to biting and chewing or taken off by a dental professional.

* If you are younger than 18 years old, parents’ consent is required.

1x Tooth Gem
20 mins · $70
Application of 1 x Swarovski Crystal of your choice. This can be applied in any size and any colour! $20 for every additional GEM If you wish to add any additional gems.

1x Shape Tooth Gem
20 mins · $70
Any Shape of your choice on any tooth.
Hearts, diamonds, ovals, drops and stars can be booked.
Additional shapes can be added for an additional $20.

Butterfly Gem Design
30 mins · $120
The butterfly design is applied between two teeth and is a total of 4 gems.

Bottom Row Track
30 mins · $150
1 gem applied to 6 bottom teeth.

Window Tooth
30 mins · $130
POPULAR! Swarovski gems outline 1 tooth – this can be done in many colours!

Gold Tooth Charm
30 mins · $160

Additional Gem
10 mins · $20

Tooth Gem Removal
$20 (plus $10 for each additional tooth gem removal) 


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How do I care for my new gem after the service?

Don’t touch or play with your new gem. You can drink plain water immediately after your service, but you cannot eat for a minimum of 2 hours. At that time, you can resume eating, but must stick to soft foods for a full 24 hours. Only eating soft foods in these first 24 hours will ensure that the bond between the gem and the natural tooth is secure. Do not brush your teeth for at least 12 hours after your service. Do not use an electric toothbrush for at least 48 hours after your service. After these timelines, it’s critical to maintain proper dental hygiene habits. Always brush and floss your teeth as directed by your dentist, and see them for professional cleanings as directed.

How long will the gem stay on my tooth?

The lifespan of your gem is never guaranteed; there are many variables that affect it, particularly your dental hygiene habits. Tooth gems typically last a minimum of 6 months, but can last a lifetime with proper care.

How do I remove the gem when I no longer want it?

If you choose to part ways with your tooth gem before its time is up, a dental  professional can easily remove it. The tooth will be buffed and polished to remove any remaining bonding material.

Will the tooth gem harm my tooth?

When properly placed on a natural tooth, it will not damage or harm your tooth in any way. On that note, gems should only  be placed on natural teeth.

Does the tooth gem obstruct regular brushing?

No, the presence of it will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene. 
However, it is recommended not to use an electric tooth brush for the first 24 hours after the gem has been applied.

What if the gem falls off and I swallow it?

Our crystals have no sharp edges, and are so small that they’re very easy to swallow. They will come out “the natural way.”

Can I still have my teeth cleaned by my dental professional?

Yes. You can, and should, still have your teeth cleaned every 6 months by a dental  professional. Our tooth gems will not cause a problem for the  hygienist cleaning your teeth. The area underneath the gem is sealed  like a filling, and will not let in any bacteria. The hygienist can  easily polish on top and around the gem.

Are tooth gems for men or women?

Both. There are many different designs that appeal to everyone.

Does the application procedure hurt?

Not at all. The procedure is similar to placing an orthodontic bracket (braces) on a tooth. 
There is no drilling involved, and the procedure is completely painless.

Can I get a tooth gem if I use invisalign or something similar?

Unfortunately not. The retainer would no longer fit properly.



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