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She is the founder of Smiles on the Go and a registered dental hygienist in the province of Ontario. She graduated dental hygiene in 2009 and is passionate about providing her clients with the best oral hygiene care.

“Here at smiles on the go we want you to love your smile and be your best you. Our vision is to have an affordable solution to brighter teeth.”

– Matina RDH



Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure for stain within the tooth. There are many options from over-the-counter whitening products to professional whitening in-office. Depending on what you select the price varies. It’s important to be aware of the contraindications of whitening. If you’re unsure if teeth whitening is for you or what it entails, be sure to ask our dental professional here at Smiles on the Go. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss which option will be best suited for you.


Our application does not require drilling or holes. It is completely painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed. Tooth Jewel is bonded by a dental grade adhesive which is light cured. After being light cured it is solid and will not come off until it is dissolved off by the client’s saliva, knocked off due to biting and chewing or taken off by you.



Keep your teeth looking their best by joining our loyalty program. Boost Smile treatments are discounted to $80 and your 4th and 8th teeth whitening sessions are 20% OFF.

30 min Consultation
Price: Complimentary
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Not sure which treatment is best for you? Allow me to help you decide by coming in for a complimentary consultation!

This appointment includes:

• A dedicated 1 on 1 time with me to inquire any questions that you may have
• Photos and shade match of your teeth to help determine which treatment plan is best suitable for you
• Take home information of what you need to know